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The Austin Motor Company was a British automobile manufacturer that became famous for producing a range of cars that were widely popular in the United Kingdom and many other countries. Founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin in Longbridge, near Birmingham, England, the company played a significant role in the history of British car manufacturing.

Austin cars were known for their:

  1. Diversity: Austin produced a wide range of vehicles, from small economy cars to luxury saloons. This diversity allowed them to cater to various market segments.

  2. Innovative Designs: The company was known for some iconic and innovative designs. One of the most famous models was the Austin 7, introduced in 1922. It was a small, affordable car that revolutionized the automobile industry in Britain, making car ownership accessible to the masses. The Austin 7's design influenced many other manufacturers and even contributed to the establishment of BMW and the Japanese auto industry.

  3. Post-War Models: After World War II, Austin produced several popular models like the Austin A40, A70, and A90. These cars were known for their durability and functionality.

  4. Merger and Legacy: In 1952, Austin merged with the Nuffield Organization (which included the Morris, MG, Riley, and Wolseley brands) to form the British Motor Corporation (BMC). This was a significant event in the British automotive industry, leading to the development of several well-known British cars, including the Mini, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and introduced by Austin in 1959.

  5. Decline and Integration: The latter part of the 20th century saw a decline in the British car industry, with Austin being affected as well. Austin, as part of BMC (which later became British Leyland), faced various challenges, leading to a decline in its brand identity. Eventually, the Austin name was phased out, and the remnants of the company were integrated into the Rover Group, which was later taken over by BMW and then MG Rover until its collapse in 2005.

The Austin name is still fondly remembered, particularly for models like the Austin 7, the Mini, and the Austin-Healey sports cars, which were produced in collaboration with the Donald Healey Motor Company. These vehicles left a lasting legacy in the automotive world for their innovation, design, and impact on car culture.



1959 - 1961 

1959 - 1961