example of a white pearl

Every white pearl paint, by every company is set up this images way.

What is a

tri-coat color?

A Tri-coat or other commonly used words are,  tricoat, double coat, candy, tinted clear, midcoat, or tinted ground coat is multi layers of paint sprayed on top of each other to make a color.  

Tricoats for basecoat clearcoat take 4 different coatings from bare metal to (or plastic) to topcoat. 1st step is a primer, second step is a basecoat, 3rd would be your midcoat, and 4th would be your clear..
Regular paints for basecoat clearcoat only take 3, 1st step is primer, 2an step is basecoat, 3rd is clearcoat.  They do not make tricoats in single stage paints (paints that dry shiny without a clear coat).