Lada Paint Codes

Who is Lada?


Lada is a well-known Russian automobile brand, produced by AvtoVAZ, the largest car manufacturer in Russia. The company, based in Togliatti, was established in the late 1960s in collaboration with Fiat of Italy. Lada vehicles have been widely recognized for their durability, simplicity, and affordability, making them popular in various international markets, especially in regions where robust and low-cost cars are highly valued.

Key aspects of Lada's history and characteristics include:

  1. Establishment and Fiat Collaboration: Lada's origins can be traced back to a collaboration between the Soviet government and Fiat. The first car to be produced was the Lada 2101, launched in 1970, which was a modified version of the Fiat 124. This model set the foundation for future Lada designs.

  2. Models and Design: Lada's range of vehicles primarily consisted of sedans, hatchbacks, and later, SUVs and 4x4s. One of the most iconic models is the Lada Niva (later renamed the Lada 4x4), introduced in 1977. The Niva was one of the first off-road vehicles to feature a unibody architecture, and it gained a reputation for its remarkable off-road capabilities combined with a simple, rugged design.

  3. International Presence: Lada expanded its market beyond the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, exporting cars to Western Europe, Canada, and other regions. The brand was particularly successful in countries where buyers valued the cars' low cost and robustness.

  4. Post-Soviet Era Changes: After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Lada underwent significant changes. The company faced increased competition from Western and Asian car manufacturers. In response, Lada has worked to modernize its lineup, improve quality standards, and develop new models with more contemporary designs and features.

  5. Partnerships and Ownership: In the 21st century, Lada has formed partnerships with other automotive companies, most notably with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. These partnerships aimed to leverage technological and managerial expertise to rejuvenate the brand and its product offerings.

  6. Current Status: Lada continues to be a significant player in the Russian automotive market, adapting to changing market demands and consumer expectations. The brand's focus remains on offering affordable, practical vehicles suited to a wide range of driving conditions.

Lada's enduring appeal, particularly in markets where affordability and ruggedness are key considerations, showcases the brand's ability to adapt to various consumer needs while maintaining its identity.


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lada Paint codes

2003 Lada Paint Codes

110 -Rubin Red, 127 -Cherry Red, 215 -Safari, 233 -White,

235 -Light Beige, 310 -American Green Met, 340 -Olive Green,

415 -Trout Blue Met, 417 -Blue Green,  428 -Shark Blue,

509 -Dark Beige, 588 -Med Beige Met, 601 -Black, 626 -Charcoal Met, 670 -Light Beige Met, 671 -Light Gray, 793 -Dark Brown

Code: 110

Color Name:Rot

Years: 1975-2003

CM1:      CM2:

8222A,    SR054.50

8215A,    SR053.50

8238A,    SR055.50

8241A     SR199.50






No Mix:



Sherwin: 32732



Color Name: Cherry Red



Solid Red






No Mix: