1994 Chevrolet Camaro Colors

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1994 Chevrolet Camaro Colors

1994 Color Chart

Color Pallet

Purple Pearl Metallic

Code: 91, WA9926

Bright Red, Solid Color

Code: 81, WA8774

Med Quasar Metallic

Code: 80, WA5378

Medium Patriot Red Metallic

Code: 71, WA9913

Black, Solid Color

Uses Factory Pack Blacks Except Akzo

Code: 41, WA8555

New Glasurit

#55-1250 or #22-1250 

Dark Green Grey Metallic

Code: 18

Arctic White, Solid Color

Code: 10, WA9567

Bright Teal Metallic

Code: 37, WA146A

Polo Green Metallic

Code: 48, WA9806

Code 18:  Going to need verified, I'm getting conflicting information on the real WA or U #.

Interior Camaro Colors

1994 Interior Combo Trims

1994 Chevrolet Camaro Paint Code

Medium Beige

Medium Beige

Medium Gray

Medium Gray

Flame Red

flame red interior 1994 camaro

Vehicle Information Kit

1994 Camaro Coupe V.I.K.

paint colors

1994 Camaro Convertible V.I.K.

Paint Colors

1994 Camaro Z28 Coupe V.I.K.

Paint Colors

1994 Camaro Z28 Convertible V.I.K.

Paint Colors

1994 Chevrolet Camaro Brochure