Borgward Paint Codes

a white car model 1959 Borgward Isabella TS Cabriolet

1959 Borgward Isabella Vehicle Example

a black 1961Borgward 230 GL car

1961 Borgward 230 GL Vehicle Example

    Borgward was a notable German automobile manufacturer founded by Carl F. W. Borgward. The company was based in Bremen, Germany, and operated from the 1920s until 1961. Borgward created a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses, and was known for its innovative engineering and stylish designs.
Key aspects of Borgward's history include:
       Early Beginnings and Expansion: Carl Borgward started his first company, the Bremer Kühlerfabrik Borgward & Co., in 1924. The company initially focused on building radiators and fenders but later expanded into automobile production.
     Diverse Range of Vehicles: Borgward's automotive venture included several brands: the Borgward brand itself, Lloyd, Goliath, and Hansa. Each brand catered to different market segments, from economy cars to more luxurious models.
     Innovation and Success: Borgward was known for introducing innovative technologies and designs. One of the most successful models was the Borgward Isabella, launched in the mid-1950s. The Isabella was a medium-sized saloon that became very popular for its combination of style, performance, and comfort. The company was also an early adopter of air suspension and automatic transmission in their cars.
      Financial Difficulties and Closure: Despite its success in the 1950s, Borgward faced financial troubles towards the end of the decade. The reasons for these difficulties are still a matter of debate, with some suggesting mismanagement while others point to external economic factors and political interference. In 1961, Borgward went bankrupt and ceased production.
     Legacy and Revival Attempts: The Borgward name remained well-regarded in automotive circles, and there have been various attempts to revive the brand in the 21st century. In 2015, the Borgward Group AG, backed by Chinese automotive company Foton, announced plans to introduce new Borgward models, aiming to draw on the heritage of the original company.
Borgward's contribution to the automotive industry is remembered for its blend of innovation, style, and quality, which made it one of the more prominent German car manufacturers in the post-war era.

1959, 1960, 1961 & 1962

Borgward Paint Codes & Color Chart

a paint chart of the Borgward vehicles imported in 1959 1960 1961 and 1962, showing the exterior colors of the vehicles

1959 Borgward Paint Codes

Years UsedMFGColor NamePaint CodeColor Shade Example
1959 Borgward Aero Blue Met 118
1959 Borgward Cliff Gray BW-5915
1959 Borgward Coral Red BW-5920
1959 Borgward Derby Maroon BW-5914
1959 Borgward Flamingo Red BW-5922
1959 Borgward Graphite Gray BW-5912
1959 Borgward Iceland Blue BW-5921
1959 Borgward Ivory BW-5918
1959 Borgward Jade Green BW-5917
1959 Borgward Reseda Green Met 116
1959 Borgward Shannon Green BW-5919
1959 Borgward Silver Gray BW-5913
1959 Borgward Silver Gray Met BW-5913

1960 Borgward Paint Codes

Years UsedMFGColor NamePaint CodeColor Shade Example
1960 Borgward Aero Blue BW-5916
1960 Borgward Cliff Gray BW-5915
1960 Borgward Coral Red BW-5920
1960 Borgward Derby Maroon BW-5914
1960 Borgward Flamingo Red BW-5922
1960 Borgward Graphite Gray BW-5912
1960 Borgward Iceland Blue BW-5921
1960 Borgward Ivory BW-5918
1960 Borgward Jade Green BW-5917
1960 Borgward Reseda Green Met 116
1960 Borgward Shannon Green BW-5919
1960 Borgward Silver Gray Met BW-5913

1961 Borgward Paint Codes

Years UsedMFGColor NamePaint CodeColor Shade Example
1961 Borgward Aero Blue BW-5916
1961 Borgward Cliff Gray BW-5915
1961 Borgward Coral Red BW-5920
1961 Borgward Derby Maroon BW-5914
1961 Borgward Flamingo Red BW-5922
1961 Borgward Graphite Gray BW-5912
1961 Borgward Iceland Blue BW-5921
1961 Borgward Ivory BW-5918
1961 Borgward Jade Green BW-5917
1961 Borgward Shannon Green BW-5919

The New Borgward Era

New Borgward Paint Codes

Years UsedMFGPaint CodeColor NameAkzo #Basf #Color Shade Example
2018-2024 Borgward BA01 Dark Brown Pearl BORBA01 956568
2018-2024 Borgward BD01 Platinum Gold Pearl BORBD01
2018-2024 Borgward BE01 Orange Pearl BORBE01
2018-2024 Borgward BL01 Space Grey Met BORBL01 956569
2018-2024 Borgward BL02 Fighting Grey Met BORBL02
2018-2024 Borgward BM01 Dream Silver Met BORBM01 956570
2018-2024 Borgward BN01 Moon White Solid BORBN01 956566
2018-2024 Borgward BP01 Agate Black Pearl BORBP01 956571
2018-2024 Borgward BR02 Flamme Red Met BORBR02 956567
2018-2024 Borgward SD01 Boguang Gold Met RF9801 956565