Coloring books

I only got these from their official sites. I didn't get all the books, so go to the official sites to see more.  All are in pdf format and downloadable by clicking on the button.  I'll get more as I find them. 

Be safe, have fun, and give the kids something to do.

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Mini Cooper Ice Cream Trucks

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Mini Cooper Car

5 pages with word search and a cut out thing.

10 pages, a maze, a Ford quiz, and tons of Mustangs!

11 pages, a maze, a word search, tons of cool trucks, and RHINOS!

I had to combine 12 jpg's to 1 pdf using jpg2pdf .   A very cool free website.  Check them out.

4 Pages of the new Ford Bronco!

21 Pages of Dodge and Mopar

Cool picture of a 1991 Mazda Race Car

Pumking Carving pdf's

6 Dodge Logo Stencils