AMC's Complicated History


Nash Vehicle Companies

Amc's Company History


Founded 1916

Jeffery and Rambler 

The Thomas Jeffery Motor Company

Founded in 1902

Bought by Nash in 1916

Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company  

Founder in 1900 or 1903

Bought by Nash in 1924


Founded 1920

Bought by Nash In 1924

Amc's Company History

Nash merger with Hudson in 1954


Founded 1909

Hudson Owns 

  • Essex Motor Company 
  • Terraplane 
Amc's Company History

AMC founded in 1954

via Nash-Hudson Merger to compete with GM, Ford, Chrysler

Amc's Company History

Amc's Company History
Amc's Company History

In 1970 AMC buys Kaiser Jeep

Kaiser Jeep is a merger between Kaiser and Willy's and a whole bunch of name changes

Kaiser Founded 1945

Bought assets of Graham brothers, and Paige company that was defunct since 1940

Willys–Overland Motors


Founded 1903

Renault loans AMC money in 1980 and eventually owns up to 49% of AMC

Amc's Company History

Am General or "Hummer" Company is split from 

AMC due to AM General United States defense contractor law stating only USA companies can produce defense vehicles.

Amc's Company History

Chrysler by all shares of all AMC in 1987