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Light Neutral



Flint Grey


Thunder Black


Thunder Black

Code 639 Indian Red

Code 639

Indian Red

Indian Green Pearl


Snakeskin Green


So I took a picture of an Indian Green Pearl fender (right side of first picture) and mixed up Chrysler's PGS (or  the other Chrysler Codes QGS, GGS, GS.  Remember Chrysler has 8 codes for 1 color) Snakeskin Green in Lesonal Basecoat (PGS is not a tricoat).  

In real life they look completely blendable.  When I took a Lesonal Camera shot of the fender it came up a tricoat and only a 1 star.  The customer told me that he saw a forum where the code was Chrysler's PGS.  I didn't believe him, until I mixed it up.  

Now the left side of the picture is the Indian Fender, the right side is Lesonal basecoat with 1k clear from the top of the mixed paint can.  I couldn't believe how similar they were and when I campared them in real life it looked exactly the same.  

Now you have to remember computer pictures taken with a cell phone at not the same distance, edited with excel, a cropping tool, and bad lighting will show diffrent colors.  But I assure you in real life lighting they are in fact the same color.