Ford Model A, B, C, F, T

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1905 Model B, C F Paint Chart


To come up with the green color, I used photo shop and picked 4 green hex colors from a picture of the green and yellow* to create a gradient color.  I then took those hex colors to and came up with color.

The CSS for the dark green is

"background: rgb(68,80,66); background: linear-gradient(167deg, rgba(68,80,66,1) 0%, rgba(50,67,51,1) 25%, rgba(46,59,41,1) 50%, rgba(34,45,28,1) 75%, rgba(9,26,20,1) 100%)"

The Css for the Yellow*  ( not 100% sure that is the correct yellow ) is

"background: rgb(232,219,184); background: linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(232,219,184,1) 0%, rgba(255,241,203,1) 100%)"