1980-1989 Corvette Colors


1989 Corvette Paint Chart

Exterior Color examples and their codes used on Corvette Vehicles in 1989

1989 Corvette Paint Chart


1988 Corvette Paint Chart

Colors and codes used on the corvette exterior in 1988


1987 Corvette Paint Chart

exterior colors and 2 tone combos for corvette vehicles in 1987


Colors and Codes used on Corvette in 1986


In 1986 the Chevrolet Corvette had 12 color options. 

Code 13 Silver Poly WA7761

Code 18 Medium Gray Poly  WA7719

Code 20 Nassau Blue Poly  WA8770

Code 35  Yellow  WA8769

Code 40  White WA8554

Code 41  Black  WA8555

Code 53 Gold Poly  WA7725

Code 59 Silver Beige Poly WA8773

Code 66 Russet Poly  WA8754

Code 69  Dark Beige Poly WA8771

Code 74 Flame Red Poly WA8748

and Code 81 Bright Red WA8774


1984 Chevrolet Corvette Exterior Paint Codes & Color Chart

oem names, oem paint codes, and color shade example paint chips for the 1984 chevrolet corvette

1984 Chevrolet Corvette Interior Color Chart

standard colors that the corvette interior came in, in 1984

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