Harley Color Code Crossover Table

Notes about this table.

  • There are lot more colors that "could" be crossed over in the paint companies databases, but I only added ones that matched up with the years and color names.  I went by Harley history, and people who wrote books on  production numbers for Harleys.   A lot of colors had similar color names close to the years, but I did not add them because I wasn't 100% certain.
  • This table was made because I saw a need for one.  There are not many Harley Database color code sites out there.  Tk's site is great and it helped me out a lot, so check that one out too.  
  • The codes from Harley are the last 3 digit (usually letter) endings on the touch up paint guides.  
  • Just because there is a crossover doesn't mean it will match.   Every paint company has a weird database for Harley.
  • I have NOT sprayed any of these colors out, so always do a spray out card when trying these colors.  
  • The font is small because I wanted to add all the data I had without having to use a move over bar to see the rest of the table.  I didn't add a filter on this table because I worked hard on it, and you deserve to see everything :D .  I did add a hover effect over every other line though :D.
  • You can hit the CONTROL (Ctrl) button plus the "F" button to search for anything on this page.  
  • The "Hard Candy" colors are just VIVID BLACK with House of Kolor Flakes added over top of them.  I'll cross those over at another date.
  • If enough of you guys share this page, I too might be able to buy a Harley one day.  
  • The table is NOT complete, but it is the best one out there at the moment because everyone is to scared to put lists up, they just want you to click through 800 pages to find what your looking for so it looks good for their website views.  I will add more when I find them, so check back every couple of months.  
  • Thank you for coming here, and I hope this helps you guys because it consumed 2 years of my life :D :'D.